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Added On: Aug 10th, 2020
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 Program Description 

Business Incubator Specially trained Apollon employees (which constitute around 25% of the team) work within the unique SuccessLab structure. This is a department that conducts a comprehensive assessment of the scalability and survivability of a particular project in the current conditions of the target segment of the global market, which allows to identify the startup’s objective potential and determine the most effective development strategies taking into account the maximum number of investment portfolios with different partner terms. Investment Toolkit After being approved by the laboratory, the project is sent to marketing specialists who prepare an investment teaser explaining the main advantages of investing in the desired direction. We create unique and original teasers, determine the most optimal investment strategies that would reflect the main idea, as well as showcase relevant and promising indicators of the project. We use a wide range of modern techniques and services to maximize the distribution of investment offers among interested audiences.

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